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Northwick Park’s ‘League of Friends’ funds equipment for patient care

The Northwick Park League of Friends (LOF) has shown its unwavering commitment to patient care by approving funding for essential equipment aimed at assisting patients with suspected spinal injuries or hip fractures resulting from falls.

This timely response underscores the LOF’s dedication to enhancing healthcare services within the community.

As the aging population faces an increased risk of falls, Ursula Abiodun, a clinical nurse specialist for falls, emphasized the importance of addressing this concern.

Northwick Park’s ‘League of Friends’ funds equipment for patient care Harrow Online

She explained, “In our care for an aging population, we encounter patients who are at a higher risk of falls. Despite the safety measures in place, some patients may experience falls within the hospital environment due to factors such as unfamiliarity, preexisting medical conditions, or confusion.”

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Ursula took the initiative to submit a funding application to the LOF.

The LOF approved the application in principle within an impressive four-day timeframe, showcasing their dedication to providing swift support.

The funds allocated by the LOF will be used to procure specialised equipment known as scoops. These scoops will be made available across all wards and departments where patients are suspected to have sustained spinal injuries or hip fractures as a result of falls.

The introduction of this equipment will significantly contribute to the safe and efficient movement of patients, minimising the risk of further harm and expediting their recovery process.

For those seeking assistance in acquiring crucial equipment or wishing to learn more about the invaluable work carried out by the LOF, reaching out to the organisation has never been easier.

Interested individuals can contact the LOF at Northwick Park and Ealing hospitals, and further details can be found on their official website at weare.lnwh.nhs.uk/lof/.