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Harrow residents prevent over 3 million milk bottles from landfill

It has been revealed that residents in Harrow have successfully prevented 3.16 million plastic milk bottles from polluting the planet within just 18 months by adopting new grocery shopping habits.

The credit goes to Modern Milkman, the innovative 21st-century milk delivery service, which announced this significant milestone on behalf of its customers. Now, as the doorstep delivery service expands to Enfield, Barnet, and London, residents across Greater London are encouraged to join the movement and help reduce plastic waste during Plastic Free July.

The expansion of Modern Milkman’s service could potentially eliminate a staggering 8.21 million plastic bottles from circulation in Greater London annually, further bolstering the company’s nationwide mission to promote return and reuse as a convenient shopping method.

Harrow residents prevent over 3 million milk bottles from landfill Harrow Online

To express gratitude and reward residents for their commitment to protecting the environment, Modern Milkman is offering households the chance to win free dairy milk or oat drink for an entire year! The enticing prize draw is open to all those who sign up for an active milkround in July. Registering is simple and can be done by visiting themodernmilkman.co.uk/users/signup. By downloading the user-friendly and free app available on iOS or Android devices, customers can conveniently track their positive environmental impact through the personal plastic-saved counter feature.

The B-corp™-certified company has taken a pioneering role in fostering a greener and cleaner future. To date, Modern Milkman has prevented a staggering total of 76 million plastic bottles from being produced in the UK. Not limited to milk, customers can choose from a wide range of fresh produce, groceries, and cleaning products, all of which come in either return and reuse or single-use plastic-free packaging options.

Simon Mellin, CEO and Founder of Modern Milkman, expressed his pride in the project, saying, “As an eco-friendly grocery delivery service, we are passionate about identifying new areas where we can make a difference through our unique offerings. Every saved plastic bottle prevents it from entering landfills or oceans, preserving the planet for future generations. Harrow has already made significant progress in combating plastic pollution by averting the creation of 3.16 million bottles.

“That’s why we are thrilled to welcome more people from the region to join our milkround, enabling them to contribute to the fight against plastic waste. Together, we can build a more sustainable future.”