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False alarm prompts school and nearby houses evacuation in Harrow

Several houses and a school were evacuated in Harrow earlier today following the discovery of an item initially thought to be suspicious.

However, after thorough investigation by specialists, it was determined that the item posed no danger, ultimately resulting in the incident being stood down.

The incident happened at approximately 3:00pm when the staff at a school located on Shakespeare Drive in Harrow contacted the local authorities to report the presence of a suspicious item. Acting promptly, the Harrow Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) responded to the call.

As a precautionary measure, the school along with some adjacent properties were swiftly evacuated, and cordons were established around the affected area.

This immediate response aimed to ensure the welfare of the residents and to facilitate the assessment of the item by specialised personnel.

Following a meticulous evaluation carried out by experts, the specialists concluded that the item in question was, in fact, non-suspicious. With this, the Harrow MPS officially stood down the incident.

The evacuation and cordons were promptly lifted, allowing individuals to return to their homes and resume their daily activities.

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