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Harrow PCSO raises alarm over vehicle interference crime

A recent incident of vehicle interference has left residents of Clitheroe Avenue on high alert, as reported by local Harrow Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Truptesh Joshi.

In a statement shared on the Online Watch Link (OWL) platform, PCSO Joshi provided key details of the incident and appealed for community cooperation to help find the person(s) responsible.

“Vehicle interference crime reported to the police which occurred at Clitheroe Avenue (in Rayners Lane) on 29th June 2023 between 4:20am to 4:50am,” revealed PCSO Joshi.

Describing the incident, PCSO Joshi stated, “Two unknown suspects involved in this vehicle interference crime. One on each side of the road on a bike, going around and checking on the door handles to try their luck and stealing from the parked vehicles.”

In addition to the recent incident reported by Harrow PCSO Truptesh Joshi, concerned members of the Harrow Online Group on Facebook have come forward to share similar instances of vehicle interference in the area.

Several residents within the group have recounted incidents involving suspicious individuals attempting to gain unauthorised access to parked vehicles by checking door handles.

Concerned about the prevalence of such crimes, PCSO Joshi implored residents to review their surveillance footage, stating, “Please check your CCTV or Ring doorbell cameras between the above time and date and please respond to this email if you came across this crime.”


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