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Historic Harrow Weald neighbourhood approved for conservation area status

Harrow Weald’s West Drive and Bellfield Avenue have been granted conservation area status by the London Borough of Harrow, ensuring preservation for current residents and future generations.

The decision was made by Cabinet Members following a six-week public consultation that garnered overwhelming support from local residents earlier this year.

These two roads, which were previously part of the West Drive Conservation Area from 2006 to 2016, have now been re-designated as a conservation area after careful consideration and evaluation. The move aims to safeguard the unique character and appearance of the area and recognise its significance within Harrow Weald.

West Drive and Bellfield Avenue hold a special place in Harrow’s history as they were once part of the broader Harrow Weald Park Estate, which included several surrounding residential streets. The area features predominantly two-story suburban-style buildings from the inter-war period, adding to its charm. Bellfield Avenue, in particular, boasts an attractive leafy ambience with trees lining the pavements all the way to its upper reaches.

Historic Harrow Weald neighbourhood approved for conservation area status Harrow Online
West Drive, Harrow Weald.

Furthermore, the open field at the avenue’s end contributes to a serene country-like atmosphere, a characteristic often found in inter-war suburban developments. Another notable feature is the circular space created by West Drive Gardens crossing West Drive, adding an interesting and visually pleasing element to the area.

Councillor Marilyn Ashton, the Deputy Leader for the London Borough of Harrow and Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration said, “We’re pleased to be restoring pride in Harrow for our residents who want to cherish and value the local neighbourhoods in which they live.

“I’m pleased that the West Drive Bellfield Avenue area is being given its due as an area worthy of protection so that its charm can be enhanced and celebrated for decades to come.”