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Nine-year-old declares Prime Minister ambition during Northwick Park BBC show

During a recent appearance on BBC Radio Four’s Any Questions? show at Northwick Park Hospital, a determined nine-year-old girl named Olive Biggin-Lamming captured the nation’s attention as she boldly announced her aspiration to become the Prime Minister in the future.

Olive, who took part in the discussion alongside government minister Maria Caulfield and Kate Andrews, Economics Editor at The Spectator, posed a thought-provoking question to the panel.

She inquired, “If the Government supports the NHS, why isn’t it paying its workers more?”

Presenter Alex Forsyth acknowledged Olive’s question and prompted her to explain her motivation behind it. Olive confidently responded, “I want to be a nurse and then go into politics and become Prime Minister.”

Amidst applause from the live audience at Northwick Park Hospital, Alex commended Olive’s ambition and remarked that she had made her debut on a political debate show, setting off her journey on a positive note.

Olive’s question struck a timely chord as junior doctors and consultants prepare for further strikes over pay conditions within the healthcare system. Maria Caulfield, a government minister who still works part-time as a nurse, expressed her support for Olive’s aspirations.

She encouraged Olive to pursue nursing and politics, citing her own journey of entering politics to safeguard her local hospital.

Caulfield mentioned the need for more nurses and politicians with real-life experience, believing that their presence would make a significant difference.

Nine-year-old declares Prime Minister ambition during Northwick Park BBC show Harrow Online
Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow. Image: Google

Dr. Latifa Patel, another member of the panel, praised Olive’s excellent question and expressed confidence in her bright future.

The declaration of Olive’s intent to become Prime Minister received resounding applause from the show’s weekly audience, which exceeds one million listeners.

Olive Biggin-Lamming’s determination and early involvement in political discourse have sparked optimism and admiration, hinting at a promising future for this aspiring young leader.