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Controversial OnlyFans billboards pop up in Harrow

A series of billboards promoting the OnlyFans site of Eliza Rose Watson, a ‘recovering addict turned gym junkie’, have recently surfaced in various locations across London, including Harrow and Edgware.

The provocative advertisements feature Ms.Watson, a 34-year-old model from Hackney, north-east London, posing in her underwear. This development has sparked concern among some residents of Harrow.

In response to the billboards, Harrow Online visited one of the sites to gauge public opinion. A film crew was present, conducting interviews with passersby to gather their thoughts on the matter.

Harrow Council has clarified that they are not responsible for the billboards. In an official statement, the council expressed regret that the advertisements have upset some residents. They encouraged concerned individuals to voice their grievances with the Advertising Standards Agency.

Controversial OnlyFans billboards pop up in Harrow Harrow Online
The billboard in Cambridge Road, North Harrow.

Their statement said: “We are sorry to hear that this billboard advert has upset some of our residents. Although we do not have any control over the content that is displayed on the billboard, we agree this advert is inappropriate. We advise residents to voice their concerns with the Advertising Standards Agency.”

The appearance of these billboards has generated mixed reactions within the local community. While some residents have taken to social media platforms to voice their complaints, others have expressed their indifference, stating that they fail to understand the uproar.

One individual, a member of Harrow Online, commented, “It’s really not that bad; I don’t know why people are bothered. It bothers me more when I see sugary drinks and chocolate adverts aimed at children plastered all over sporting events, this one in North Harrow is really not that bad when you compare it to things like that.”