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Have your say on proposed closure of ticket offices in Harrow and across England

Passengers across England, including those at Harrow stations, are being invited to share their opinions on the potential closure of numerous ticket offices as part of a public consultation.

London TravelWatch, an independent watchdog, is seeking feedback from passengers to inform their formal response to the rail industry regarding the proposed changes.

The consultation process aims to gather passengers’ perspectives on train operators’ proposals to alter ticket office operations and ticket sales at stations. To facilitate this, London TravelWatch encourages passengers to review the plans of their respective train operators and understand how these changes may affect them.

Passengers who wish to comment on any of the proposed changes are requested to reach out to London TravelWatch by Wednesday, July 26. It is important for individuals to clearly specify the station they are providing feedback on when contacting the watchdog. Posters containing email and postal addresses will be displayed at local stations for easy access. Additionally, the train operators’ websites will offer further information regarding their specific plans.

Have your say on proposed closure of ticket offices in Harrow and across England Harrow Online
Map of proposed closures in London

For passengers whose local station falls outside the London TravelWatch zone, they are advised to contact the independent watchdog Transport Focus for assistance.

During the consultation process, London TravelWatch will examine whether the suggested changes will impact passengers’ ability to purchase tickets, the presence of staff at stations, and the operators’ ability to provide services for disabled passengers. These aspects will be considered to ensure that any modifications align with the needs and requirements of the travelling public.

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive for London TravelWatch, said, “Your voice as a passenger is fundamental to this whole process. We’re urging you to check your local station for details on how to feedback your views, either by email or in writing.”

Passengers are encouraged to actively engage in this consultation, as their feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future of ticket office operations and ticket sales at stations across England, including Harrow.