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‘Slow down and savour every day,’ says breast cancer survivor from Harrow

Harrow resident Anjali Raja, a courageous breast cancer survivor, is urging the Asian community not to shy away from discussing the disease, emphasising that the words ‘breast’ and ‘cancer’ should not be sources of embarrassment.

Having triumphed over the condition herself, Anjali is now determined to break the taboo surrounding breast cancer within her community.

“People shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about this,” Anjali said. “It shouldn’t be a taboo subject and is a time when family is more important than ever.” The mother of two from Kenton in Harrow has taken a proactive approach by creating a video that chronicles her personal battle with cancer, aiming to raise awareness about the disease while highlighting the significance of a strong support network and maintaining a positive outlook.


Reflecting on her experience, Anjali shared, “I’ve always been a busy person, but since my brush with cancer, I’ve learned to slow down and savour every day. It really gave me a sense of perspective and an appreciation for what is truly important in life. We often take so much for granted without fully recognising its value.”

'Slow down and savour every day,' says breast cancer survivor from Harrow Harrow Online
Inspiring words from Anjali

Anjali first discovered a lump in her breast while stretching and was swiftly directed to Northwick Park Hospital’s newly established Breast Centre, which provides treatment to hundreds of women annually. “I can’t thank the team enough,” Anjali expressed gratefully. “They were patient, understanding, and held my hand throughout the entire process, including chemotherapy.”

Motivated by her experience, Anjali now aspires to give back and assist others in a voluntary support role. She believes it is crucial for individuals to have someone to talk to, ensuring they do not feel alone during their battle with breast cancer.

Anjali’s inspiring journey serves as a reminder that discussing breast cancer openly and seeking support is essential for both physical and emotional well-being. Her message resonates not only with the Asian community in Harrow but with people from all walks of life.

By bravely sharing her story, Anjali hopes to empower others to face their own challenges with strength and optimism, reminding everyone to slow down, appreciate the present, and cherish every day.

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