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National awards recognise key worker in Harrow

National awards have recently acknowledged the passion and dedication of a local key worker in Harrow.

Sheena Sanhye, a dispenser at Honeypot Pharmacy, returned to the RoE Awards for the third year running and took home the highly commended award in the Innovation category.

The RoE Awards, presented by the pharmacy trade magazine Training Matters, celebrate outstanding achievements in the world of community pharmacy.

Sheena Sanhye’s innovative approach to improving the pharmacy was recognized through her use of an integrated communications platform. “In January 2022, I discovered Accrux which is a new way for healthcare teams and patients to seamlessly connect with each other through an integrated platform,” she explained.

National awards recognise key worker in Harrow Harrow Online

“In the last year it’s been such a handy tool to have to say when their prescription is ready for collection. We now have less backlog of prescriptions and so much space in our pharmacy.”

Monica West, editor of Training Matters and host of the RoE Awards, commented on the significance of the event, saying, “The Recognition of Excellence Awards is the only UK awards that celebrates hard working pharmacy staff, without the focus being on pharmacists.

“The reason for this is because we want to ensure the entire pharmacy team is uplifted and celebrated. This year, we had our record number of nominations in the Awards’ 10-year history and we are honoured to be able to share the fantastic work that is taking place in community pharmacies across the UK.

“Our winners put their communities before themselves, save lives and make a real difference every single day.”