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New £20 million ward to be constructed at Northwick Park Hospital

Exciting developments are set to unfold at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow over the next few months as preparations commence for the construction of a brand-new, cutting-edge short-stay ward.

Valued at an impressive £20 million, this state-of-the-art facility aims to enhance the quality of care provided to patients at Northwick Park.

A report seen by Harrow Online outlines plans to increase bed capacity at Northwick Park Hospital by constructing a new 32-bedded ward. This expansion is part of an NHS England initiative to meet the growing demands for general and acute beds across the country.

The bid submitted by the hospital has been approved, and funding has been allocated for the project. The mobilisation process has already begun and the increased capacity is expected to have various benefits, including reducing the number of patients waiting for beds.

To kickstart this transformative project, the hospital has initiated the process of relocating the drop-off point to the curbside outside the A&E department. This adjustment will pave the way for the establishment of the innovative drop-off area, which will replace the current turning circle positioned between A&E and MRI A.

New £20 million ward to be constructed at Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online
Northwick Park Hospital A&E.

In tandem with these changes, the patient transport stand will also undergo relocation to accommodate the upcoming construction activities.

While these initial road works are estimated to last approximately one week, they are a necessary step to prepare the ground for the construction of the acute medical unit, which will be located directly above the A&E department.

In light of the upcoming construction, the Premier convenience shop will permanently close its doors on Saturday, 8 July.

Following the completion of the road works near the A&E department, it is important to note that potential delays may persist around the hospital’s ring road as preparations are made to install a crane and commence the building phase.

However, the inconveniences during this period will ultimately pave the way for the unveiling of the state-of-the-art short-stay ward.

Anticipated to be operational by October, the new unit promises to offer enhanced medical services and improved patient experiences.

News of the advanced facility marks a significant milestone in Northwick Park Hospital’s history and ongoing commitment to providing exceptional healthcare to the community it serves.

New £20 million ward to be constructed at Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online

Stay tuned for further updates as Northwick Park Hospital prepares to open its short-stay ward in the autumn.

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