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Brent resident ‘outraged and livid’ after driveway dispute with neighbour

A North London resident is ‘outraged and livid’ after a dispute with a neighbour over a driveway he says is shared has cost him £7,500 in legal fees.

Robert Medcalfe, 36, has been forced to hire a lawyer to fight off plans to use the drive as the access road to a new development.

Alisson Roberto Teixeira has applied to build a two-storey semi-detached house to the rear of a house on Randall Avenue in Dollis Hill, using a driveway between the neighbouring properties as the access road. A similar plan was thrown out by Brent Council’s planning committee in February.

Mr Metcalfe has called the plan “completely unlawful” and says he has the deeds to prove that he has shared ownership rights of the drive. He said: “The whole thing relies on my consent because I’m the co-owner of the driveway he needs to fulfil this development.”

He added: “I’m absolutely outraged and livid by the whole thing. It’s a complete shock. How can you try to do something with someone’s property without speaking with them and getting permission? That’s not what neighbours do.”

Mr Medcalfe said he “never expected” to have to pay so much in legal fees but says he is up for the fight. He added: “I’m wondering how long this is going to go on for, it’s taking up so much of my time. I thought we had already dealt with it with the last [application].”

The latest application has also received a number of objections from other local residents, who have described the plan as “ludicrous” and are calling on the council’s planning committee to refuse it again.

One resident said: “Again this tiresome application comes to light. […] It is ludicrous to erect a HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) in the back of a garden which runs alongside my garden and property. The idea of the only access [being] through a shared drive is preposterous and I imagine completely unlawful.”

Another said: “It has been brought to my attention that once again permission is being sought for this outrageous plan which seems very much like the first application. It would be completely detrimental to the road and surrounding properties! I simply do not see any positives of this proposal but I certainly see an endless list of negatives.”

The plans have also been the subject of a change.org petition, which has got 188 signatures from residents of Dollis Hill and surrounding areas. It claims those affected are being caused “undue stress” and urges the council to refuse the plans “and all future variations or appeals”.

If approved, the plan will see the demolition of an existing garage at the back of the Randall Avenue property and the removal of a row of trees. It would have parking for two cars at the front of the new property, with a turning area for the cars to exit the site.

The architects of the project, White House Design Ltd, were approached for comment but did not respond ahead of publication. The Brent Council planning committee will determine whether or not to give the latest plan the green light.