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Council approve large party venue in South Ruislip

Hillingdon Council has approved the license for a large venue with its own banquet hall despite concerns raised by the local ward. The 150-capacity location situated on an industrial estate in Grantview, South Ruislip was looking to get a license to sell alcohol from 9am to 11pm with opening hours of 9am to midnight.

The venue, which is split over two levels, will be primarily utilised to host events, parties and weddings, mainly for people from the Tamil and Sri Lankan communities, and is far enough away from residential areas for there to be no representations from locals.

There were also no representations made by any responsible authorities with the council’s public nuisance department deeming the plans to be acceptable and the police agreeing on extra noise and crowd control measures with the application before the committee meeting.

However, there were concerns raised by Cllr Richard Mills on three different points to do with the licence’s approval. These included that late-night activity will cause public disturbance, there is insufficient parking and that he was concerned that the one-way system will not be adhered to.

Chairman of the committee Cllr Roy Chamdal ensured that Cllr Mills’ concerns were addressed putting them to the applicant Nanthakumar Rasalingam and his representation as well as the Designated Premises Supervisor Ganesalingam Sathees. They revealed several plans to mitigate potential issues caused by having a large number of people at the venue.

This included having two extra security industry authority staff on the door if the number of people coming exceeds 100, installing a noise limiter, dedicated traffic staff to make sure park and leave safely as well as ensuring all members of staff have a counter to keep track of how many people enter the venue.

In terms of sufficient parking, the applicant said that there were 38 available parking spaces, which the site manager said would be enough because many people attending the events would be taking either public transport or taxi. When pushed on this point by Cllr Chamdal, the manager insisted that has 30 years of experience hosting events across the UK making him certain that many people attending weddings, for instance, take taxis.

In terms of the one-way system, the applicant said that a visible sign would be installed to remind people leaving that they must respect the flow of traffic. They also added that there would be at least 2 traffic wardens directing people when people were vacating the venue.

The venue is also planned to be used for community events for children and other gatherings that will not include alcohol.

One sticking point for the chairman was the midnight closing time, half an hour later than the normally licensed time of 11.30pm. The applicant’s justification for this was to allow for a gentle flow of people to leave the venue instead of a flood at the end of the night.

However in the end this was not enough to convince the panel, who approved the application but with slightly reduced opening times, with the venue expected to close at 11.30pm.