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£10 million road resurfacing plan underway in Harrow

The Council has initiated a comprehensive £10 million road resurfacing program to tackle the substantial backlog of repairs in the borough, as confirmed by Cllr Paul Osborn, Leader of The London Borough of Harrow.

With over 280 miles of highway within their jurisdiction, the council is committed to renewing 50 local roads this year, representing a key initiative in addressing the prominent road issues in Harrow.

Expressing gratitude to residents who reported potholes, Cllr Paul Osborn acknowledged the adverse impact of winter weather on the roads and highlighted the completion of 584 responsive repairs thus far. Now, with the road resurfacing program in motion, affected residents will receive detailed notifications containing comprehensive information.

In Cllr Osborn’s words, “Now, I’m pleased to confirm, we’ve started a programme of road resurfacing. The £10 million programme will see 50 local roads completely renewed this year – one of our flagship actions to tackle the big issues in Harrow.”

He noted the magnitude of the task at hand, inviting residents to watch a video illustrating the extensive scope of the project.

“This road in Pinner is the latest to be resurfaced as part of our £10 million programme,” he said.

“As you can see resurfacing is a huge undertaking with fantastic results. The new road surface will last for many years.”

Elsewhere in the newsletter, Cllr Osborn acknowledged the concerns faced by families during the long summer holidays, particularly those with limited incomes.

In response, Harrow Council has partnered with the Young Harrow Foundation to organise the Harrow’s Holiday, Activities and Food program. This government-funded initiative provides free activities for local children experiencing economic or social disadvantages.

£10 million road resurfacing plan underway in Harrow Harrow Online
Image: London Borough of Harrow

As Cllr Osborn stated, “There’s a huge range of things to do, including sport, art and theatre, all delivered in a supportive, stimulating and safe environment.”

He further mentioned that the program encompasses sessions catering to children with special educational needs and disabilities, as well as sessions led by local Romanian partners. Notably, all activities are accompanied by nutritious meals to ensure that children’s hunger is alleviated.

While the program primarily targets children eligible for means-tested free school meals, Cllr Osborn noted that families in other circumstances are also considered. He encouraged interested individuals to explore the eligibility criteria and discover the exciting program of summer activities.

£10 million road resurfacing plan underway in Harrow Harrow Online

In addition to the Harrow’s Holiday, Activities and Food program, low-income households can avail themselves of the Household Support Fund, providing further support throughout the summer. Eligible families can access £200 supermarket vouchers to assist with their needs.

Closing his message, Cllr Osborn reflected on his 22 years of service as a Harrow councillor, expressing his gratitude for the privilege to serve the borough’s residents. He expressed his enthusiasm for continuing his dedicated service in the years to come.

£10 million road resurfacing plan underway in Harrow Harrow Online