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Dinosaurs to take over Harrow Town Centre during the summer holidays

Harrow Town Centre is about to embark on an extraordinary adventure with the introduction of dinosaur cages!.

These prehistoric marvels will be strategically located on College Road, Station Road, and St. Ann’s Road, offering shoppers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of encountering these ancient creatures up close.

To celebrate the arrival of the dinosaurs, Harrow BID are organising a thrilling prize draw. Participants will have a chance to win one of five exciting Dino Goody Bags, packed with fantastic dinosaur-themed goodies and surprises.


Shoppers can prepare for a diverse array of dinosaurs in Harrow. Among the prehistoric giants making their presence known, the mighty T-Rex will tower over the landscape, its ferocious roar echoing through the streets. Joining the lineup is the gentle and colossal Brachiosaurus, its long neck gracefully reaching towards the sky. But beware the cunning and swift Velociraptor, keeping visitors on their toes with its clever tactics. As if that weren’t enough, adorable baby dinosaurs will enchant onlookers, adding a touch of cuteness to the event.

Dinosaurs to take over Harrow Town Centre during the summer holidays Harrow Online


The contest, which starts on 31st July, promises an adventure-filled experience as participants search for clues to uncover the name of a dinosaur associated with each of the five cages. Residents and curious explorers are invited to send an email to info@harrowonline.co.uk, stating which dinosaur they believe corresponds to each cage.

The prize draw is open to all, and everyone is encouraged to take part for a chance to win one of the Dino Goody Bags. The lucky winners will be selected randomly from the pool of correct entries received. The competition will close at midnight on August 14th, 2023, giving participants ample time to explore and discover the dinosaur names hidden within Harrow’s corners.

So mark your calendars, sharpen your sleuthing skills, and join the Harrow Town Centre team in this fantastic adventure for the Summer Holidays!


Update: In a thrilling new development, the excitement in Harrow Town Centre reaches a crescendo as the Dinosaur event gets even more captivating. Brace yourselves for an unforgettable encounter as we proudly announce the arrival of ‘live’ dinosaurs to the heart of Harrow! The addition will transform the event into an immersive and interactive prehistoric experience. From fascinating walkabout to engaging and educational experiences, visitors of all ages will be delighted by the sight of these ‘living’ wonders. And yes, the imposing T-Rex and adorable dino babies will be there too, ensuring a diverse and enthralling experience for every dinosaur lover.

The spectacle is set to kick off on Friday, 4th August, starting at 12 pm, right beside Katie’s Statue on St. Anns Road, Harrow HA1 1LG.

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