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Met Police reveal new ‘Policing Plan’ for London

London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has unveiled a comprehensive plan today “A New Met for London,” aiming to strengthen the bond between the police and local communities.

The initiative, introduced during a recent event in Peckham, marks the start of a series of engagements across all 32 boroughs, including Harrow, emphasising the importance of community involvement in shaping policing priorities.

The plan highlights several key objectives that the MPS intends to achieve. First and foremost, the police want Londoners to develop familiarity with their local officers and collaborate with them to address crime and anti-social behavior effectively. Furthermore, the MPS aims to enhance victim satisfaction by improving the quality of their response when individuals seek assistance.

The initiative also pledges to maintain low levels of serious violence, increase the resolution rates of cases related to violence against women and girls, reduce crime disparities across different communities, and swiftly address any misconduct within the police force.

“A New Met for London” is the outcome of extensive consultations with London residents, officers, staff, and various partners throughout the capital. The MPS has already made progress in key areas of concern, such as reducing residential burglaries and maintaining lower homicide rates compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Additionally, the police have seen success in charging more individuals for rape and sexual offences while clearing their backlog of online child abuse cases. The initiative has contributed to a decrease in concerns regarding anti-social behavior, as evidenced by a notable decline in related calls.

The plan also includes structural changes within the MPS. The organization will reallocate 240 positions from central teams to establish more agile proactive policing units in each Basic Command Unit. To bolster public protection efforts, an additional 565 individuals will join specialist teams targeting offenders.

The response and local teams’ capacity will remain unaffected by these changes. The MPS is also revamping its training programs, making them more practical and focused on real-world skills while investing in new technology and data utilization to enhance precision in policing.

One notable component of the initiative is the MPS’s commitment to combating violence against women and girls. By employing an evidence-based approach, the police have identified the top 100 offenders based on the seriousness and recency of offenses reported. These individuals will be the primary targets of local and specialist teams, utilising strategies typically reserved for countering organised crime and terrorism.

Met Police reveal new ‘Policing Plan’ for London Harrow Online
Image: Met Police

While recognising the need to address all offenders, the MPS acknowledges that these 100 individuals pose a disproportionate threat to others and require immediate attention.

In addition to focusing on crime-fighting, “A New Met for London” prioritizes cultural reform within the MPS. Acknowledging past shortcomings and the need for change, the plan aims to build a strong culture centered around consent-based policing and maintaining high standards. It outlines commitments to reviewing the use of stop and search, improving the investigation processes for officers and staff accused of breaching standards, and reforming armed policing practices.

Over the next two years, MPS will concentrate on community engagement, cultural transformation, and foundational improvements. Dedicated neighborhood superintendents have been appointed in each borough to lead local initiatives, and the recruitment of 500 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) is underway.

The MPS plans to recruit thousands of new police constables, reinforcing the strength of the force over the period.

To initiate a dialogue with local communities, the MPS will conduct a series of events in every London borough over the next three months.

These events aim to strengthen existing relationships, mend strained connections, and gather feedback on local priorities and the implications of “A New Met for London” in different areas.

The detailed plan, “A New Met for London,” is available on the Metropolitan Police Service’s website, providing Londoners with insights into the envisioned reforms and strategies that will shape the future of policing in the capital.