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TfL plans step-free access for Northolt and North Acton stations

Transport for London (TfL) has announced plans to provide step-free access at two of Ealing’s London Underground stations: Northolt and North Acton. These stations are among the ten stations that TfL will be assessing for potential step-free access, marking a significant step forward in enhancing public transport accessibility in London.

The decision comes after sustained efforts by Ealing Council, led by Councillor Peter Mason and Councillor Deirdre Costigan. Last year, the council leaders wrote a letter to the TfL commissioner, demanding action and stressed the pressing need for step-free access across the north of the borough.

Councillor Costigan expressed her delight at TfL’s response, stating, “I’m delighted that TfL and the mayor have listened to Ealing and two of our busiest underground stations, Northolt and North Acton, could soon have brand new lifts.”

TfL plans step-free access for Northolt and North Acton stations Harrow Online

She further highlighted the importance of equal access to transportation, stating, “Ensuring equal access to transport links means that all our residents can get to work and education opportunities, helping them to lead happy and fulfilled lives.”

The inclusion of Northolt and North Acton in TfL’s plans reflects the organisation’s commitment to improving accessibility across the London Underground network. By introducing new lifts, TfL aims to create a more inclusive transport system for passengers with disabilities, parents with strollers, and individuals with mobility challenges.

TfL will now undertake a comprehensive review process to assess the feasibility and plan for the implementation of step-free access at the selected stations. The proposed upgrades hold tremendous potential to enhance accessibility and convenience for residents and commuters in these areas, addressing a long-standing issue.