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Council’s £8M investment to target potholes and could include Edgware

Barnet Council has taken action to address the increasing number of potholes reported on the roads in the borough, hopefully including those in Edgware.

In a recent decision made at the Barnet Council Cabinet meeting on 18 July 2023, Councillors voted in favour of investing a further £8 million in road maintenance over the next two years. This move comes in response to a significant surge in potholes reported during the 2022/23 winter period, with a staggering 95% increase compared to the previous winter.

According to the data, the number of reported potholes during the 2022/23 winter season reached 3699, whereas only 1896 were reported for repair during the previous winter. This has raised concerns among residents about the safety and condition of the local highways in Barnet.

Cllr Alan Schneiderman, the Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, noted the importance of maintaining roads and addressing potholes for the benefit of the residents. He stated, “We know that maintaining roads and dealing with potholes are very important to our residents, and we are responding to this by investing more in our highways.”

The additional £8 million investment is on top of the £250,000 that was allocated in preparation for the 2022/23 winter period and the approved £11.785 million for broader maintenance funding this year.

Cllr Schneiderman further highlighted the council’s commitment to creating safer and more sustainable roads, saying, “Well-maintained roads and pavements are safer for everyone. That’s why we boosted funding immediately after taking control of the council last year and have now agreed to invest an additional £8 million. And, as a council that cares for people, our places, and the planet, we continue investing towards our longer-term plans of making Barnet a safer and more sustainable place for all.”

The council’s commitment to road maintenance is evident as they are set to spend nearly £17 million on roads and pavements this year, including both planned and additional investments.

The funding for the highways maintenance program was agreed upon during the Barnet Environment and Climate Change Committee meeting on 25 January 2023. This initiative focuses on addressing the maintenance needs of over 700 kilometres of highways under Barnet Council’s responsibility, including those in Edgware.

Residents are encouraged to play their part in maintaining the safety of the roads by promptly reporting any potholes they come across. Barnet Council has set up an online portal for reporting road, street, or pavement issues.

For further information on how the council maintains its roads and pavements, interested parties can visit the “Road and Pavements Maintenance” page on the council’s website.