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Harrow bus route ‘rebranded’ in proposed Superloop express network

In a bid to offer a more efficient and recognisable express bus service in South London, Harrow’s X140 bus route, which connects Harrow to Heathrow Central, is set to undergo a transformation.

Transport for London (TfL) announced today that the X140 route will be renumbered and rebranded as SL9, joining the proposed Superloop express bus network. The change is scheduled to take effect on Saturday, 26th August.

The introduction of the SL9 route marks a significant step in TfL’s ongoing efforts to improve public transport services in the region. The SL9 will be the fourth bus route incorporated into the Superloop network, promising enhanced connectivity and convenience for passengers in outer London.

Louise Cheeseman, Director of Buses at TfL, commented on the initiative, stating, “The newly numbered and branded SL9 will provide people in outer London with an instantly recognisable express bus route, helping to make it easier for them to choose a sustainable travel option.”

Harrow bus route ‘rebranded’ in proposed Superloop express network Harrow Online

As part of the revamp, commuters will enjoy various improvements on SL9 buses, including enhanced customer information and the convenience of USB charging facilities. Moreover, passengers can rest assured that the SL9 buses will continue to call at the same stops as the current X140 route, preserving accessibility and familiarity.

One notable change accompanying the rebranding is the renaming of certain bus stops to better reflect their locations. For instance, the current Willow Tree Lane bus stop will be renamed Yeading Lane / Willow Tree Lane.

Existing X140 customers accustomed to traveling between the designated places and stops can continue their journeys by utilising the SL7 route, which serves the same destinations.

To ensure a smooth transition for passengers, TfL is implementing a comprehensive communication strategy. Branded posters and timetables will be displayed at bus stops and stations, along with updated spider maps. Additionally, regular users of the X140 route have been informed of the impending changes through two emails in advance.

Harrow residents can look forward to an improved commuting experience starting from the 26th August.

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