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Urgent call to save Pinner’s 169-year-old pub

Nestled in the heart of Pinner for an impressive 169 years, The Oddfellows Arms Pinner is more than just a pub; it’s a cherished community hub that has been a source of joy and camaraderie for generations.

Established in 1854 as part of The Oddfellows Friendly Society, the pub’s roots run deep, standing as a symbol of community spirit and support.

Throughout the years, The Oddfellows Arms has fostered strong connections with customers, local businesses, charities, clubs, and social groups, making it an integral part of Pinner’s community. Patrons have found solace in the pub’s welcoming embrace, with its walls adorned with local artwork, poems, posters, and heartfelt gifts, echoing the rich history and heritage of the establishment and the local area.

Urgent call to save Pinner’s 169-year-old pub Harrow Online
Pinner pub faces closure

Owner Richard Devine takes great pride in the pub’s accolades, including being awarded Harrow’s Pub of the Year by CAMRA. He and his dedicated team have worked tirelessly to offer quality products, including award-winning hand-poured ales, with plans to expand their offerings and support local breweries.

Despite the challenges posed by recent years, The Oddfellows Arms valiantly weathered the storm of the pandemic, navigating the cost of living crisis, and demonstrating resilience where others faltered.

However, a new obstacle now threatens its existence—the need to raise an additional £25,000 within two weeks to meet the lease renewal requirements. The funds are crucial for property repairs, legal costs, and the lease deposit, crucial components in keeping the pub’s doors open to the community it serves.

Richard Devine is fervently reaching out to the community, acknowledging their unwavering support over the years. He says, “Our team here are amazing! They’ve worked so hard to make this pub what it is – a place where people can feel a part of something.

Urgent call to save Pinner’s 169-year-old pub Harrow Online

“It would break my heart to see that fall apart now. After all, we’ve all been through in the last few years, it’s more important than ever for people to come together to protect these last remaining hubs of our community.

“It’s a daunting challenge, but we are confident that our community will rally together to support this beloved local gem. It’s been our privilege to support our patrons for all these years, and we hope to continue for many more years to come.”

The community’s support is paramount in safeguarding the future of The Oddfellows Arms Pinner. The pub has set up a crowdfunding page titled “Save The Oddfellows Arms Pinner!” and is urging everyone to donate if possible.

Additionally, they invite the community to attend their special Community Day event on Saturday, 29th July 2023, starting from 2 pm. The event promises an afternoon of delightful entertainment, featuring local DJ Joe Dwyer playing funk, soul, and Motown across the decades. Lebanese restaurant Sougtani will be providing mouthwatering wraps, and the beer garden will host a bottle bar, welcoming both two-legged and four-legged guests.

Urgent call to save Pinner’s 169-year-old pub Harrow Online

Richard also encourages those unable to donate to show their support by visiting the pub, particularly during the challenging two-week timeframe. Spreading the word and raising awareness about The Oddfellows Arms’ plight can make a significant difference.

The clock is ticking, and the fate of The Oddfellows Arms Pinner rests in the hands of its community.

For further information please contact: Stuart Lawrence at 07595 372 627 or Nicole Cohen at 07485 184 141.

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