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Kingsbury primary school leads charge in tackling plastic pollution with innovative education programme

In a bid to address the growing concerns surrounding plastic pollution and its impact on the environment, two London primary schools have taken up the challenge to pilot a groundbreaking global plastic pollution education programme.

Central Park Primary School in East Ham and Kingsbury Green Primary School in Brent were selected to trial the Plastic Changemakers Education Pack, an initiative developed by The Breteau Foundation, ahead of its official launch for back-to-school in September.

The Plastic Changemakers Education Pack was created by educational and environmental experts, and it offers a comprehensive, user-friendly set of resources designed specifically for teachers. The resources are aligned with curricula and provide the necessary knowledge and tools to turn children into ambassadors for change. By empowering young minds with the right information, the programme aims to kick-start a global movement on responsible plastic use both at home and in their communities.

The decision to introduce the Plastic Changemakers initiative in London primary schools comes after recent research revealed that 95% of the capital’s primary school teachers were advocating for more education on plastic pollution within the UK primary education national curriculum. Clearly, there is a demand for increased awareness and understanding of this pressing environmental issue in the education system.

The research also sheds light on the financial burden borne by primary teachers in their efforts to educate students about the environment. It was found that collectively, these dedicated teachers spent a staggering £13 million of their own funds to provide pupils with environmental education. The average amount spent by teachers was highest in London, with individual teachers shelling out over £70 from their own pockets. The study also revealed that London teachers were dedicating over 6 hours per month creating educational resources for teaching children about environmental issues.

Kingsbury primary school leads charge in tackling plastic pollution with innovative education programme Harrow Online

Leanne Chorekdjian-Jojaghaian, primary teacher at Kingsbury Green Primary School, who has been piloting the education pack in her classroom, says: “As a primary school teacher, I feel a great responsibility to teach children about the plastic crisis, as this is an issue that will ultimately affect their future. Our students have expressed concerns about plastic pollution and want to know how they can help, but the lack of detail on the topic within the current curriculum means their questions aren’t being addressed. We want to do our best to provide children with a deeper understanding of plastic and the plastic crisis, but the lack of support and resources available makes this difficult for us to achieve.”

After piloting modules from the Plastic Changemakers Education Pack in her classroom, Leanne Chorekdjian reports: “My students have absolutely loved piloting the Plastic Changemakers Education Pack. They are so stimulated by the activities provided by the pack, which make the topics fun and accessible for them. Children are so engaged in the topic of plastic pollution, so it is great to be able to give them lessons like this and give them the tools to inspire others to take action on plastic pollution”.