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Harrow’s suburban areas to be safeguarded against ‘inappropriate developments’

Harrow’s suburban areas are set to be safeguarded against inappropriate developments, following the recent approval of the revised Tall Buildings (‘Building Heights’) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

The decision, made by Cabinet Members, is a significant step towards preserving the unique character of Harrow’s suburbs.

The adoption of the Tall Buildings SPD comes after a thorough seven-week consultation process earlier this year. The objective was to tighten up guidance regarding the construction of tall buildings within Harrow’s suburban regions.

The newly approved SPD offers essential local design guidance on what constitutes contextually high buildings concerning the existing building heights in the borough’s suburban areas. It should be noted that the SPD applies to all suburban areas of Harrow, with the exception of the Harrow and Wealdstone opportunity area.

Deputy Leader for the London Borough of Harrow and Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, Councillor Marilyn Ashton, commented on the decision, stating, “We know that the height of buildings is a big concern for many residents. One of our flagship actions was to introduce the SPD to protect the character of our suburbs until a new
Local Plan can be adopted, replacing the 2012 Core Strategy.”

She added, “I’m very pleased that the SPD will be in place to provide clarity as to what sort of developments the Council will and won’t accept in relation to the lower-rise suburban areas. The guidance will help ensure a high-quality environment that residents can be proud of.”

Harrow's suburban areas to be safeguarded against 'inappropriate developments' Harrow Online

The formal adoption of the SPD means that it will become a significant consideration in the evaluation of relevant planning applications. This move is expected to reinforce the commitment to maintaining the unique charm and atmosphere of Harrow’s suburban neighbourhoods.

Local residents and stakeholders can view the full SPD and the consultation statement, which summarizes the main issues raised during the consultation period and how they were addressed, by visiting the council website here.

With the new Tall Buildings guidance in place, Harrow is taking proactive steps to preserve its suburban identity while encouraging high-quality development that aligns with the unique character of the area. The Council’s decision marks a significant milestone in protecting Harrow’s charming suburbs for generations to come.