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Flooding in Wembley leaves multiple houses submerged in one-metre deep water

Residents on Tokyngton Avenue in Wembley found themselves battling against flooding that affected the rear gardens of several houses up to a depth of around one metre.

The incident happened on 26 July and prompted the London Fire Brigade to spring into action, with four fire engines and approximately 25 firefighters rushing to the scene.

Thankfully, there were no reports of injuries during the flooding. However, the incident served as a stark reminder of heavy rain’s unpredictable nature and its devastating impact on homes and communities.


A London Fire Brigade spokesperson expressed concern over the increasing risk of heavy rainfall and flash floods, saying, “It might be hot and dry one day, but the risk of heavy rain and flooding is round the corner. Recent storms have shown how quickly a flash flood can inundate a street. Our firefighters know what they need to do in a flood, but it’s important Londoners know as well. We’d encourage you to follow our flooding advice.”

Flooding in Wembley leaves multiple houses submerged in one-metre deep water Harrow Online


With climate patterns becoming more erratic, it is crucial for residents to be prepared for such emergencies. The London Fire Brigade provided essential advice for those facing flooding situations:

  1. Call 999 if you are in immediate danger. Follow the advice of the operator and evacuate if instructed to do so. Refusing to evacuate may put both yourself and rescue personnel in greater danger.
  2. If you evacuate, bring your grab bag with you. This bag should contain essential items you’d need if you were forced to leave your home.
  3. Turn off your gas, water, and electricity supply if it is possible and safe to do so. This precaution can help minimise potential hazards during flooding events.

The brigade responded promptly to the incident, being called in at 22:30 and successfully concluding their operations by 07:06. Fire crews from Wembley, Willesden, North Kensington, and Southall fire stations worked together to tackle the flooding and assist affected residents.

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