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Stanmore police step up efforts to combat anti-social behaviour

In a bid to ensure a safer community, Stanmore Police have initiated a robust crackdown on anti-social behaviour (ASB) within the locality.

With a vigilant eye on maintaining peace and order, the officers are determined to address the increasing instances of ASB affecting the residents.

Stanmore Park Police took to Twitter, sounding the alarm over the escalating problem. The tweet read: “The team are aware of ASB throughout the ward involving groups using gas bottles and littering. We will be on patrol tonight tackling anyone we come across, causing issues for residents.”

The authorities are resolved to take immediate action against any individuals or groups involved in causing disturbances and inconveniences for Stanmore residents.

With the collaborative efforts of the community and law enforcement, the hope is to create a safer and more enjoyable living environment for everyone in Stanmore.

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