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Brent Council issues guidance to Wembley residents after flooding

Following the recent flooding incident that affected several houses on Tokyngton Avenue, Wembley, Brent Council has issued guidance to residents, assuring them of their commitment to resolving the matter promptly and preventing future incidents.

On July 26, residents in Tokyngton Avenue found themselves grappling with floodwaters that inundated the rear gardens of multiple houses to a depth of approximately one metre. The situation prompted an urgent response from the London Fire Brigade, with four fire engines and around 25 firefighters rushing to the scene to assist the affected residents.

Thankfully, there were no reported injuries during the flooding in Wembley. However, the incident raised concerns about potential future flood risks in the area.

In response, Brent Council has been actively collaborating with the Environment Agency to address the situation swiftly. The council has informed residents that over the coming days, they may notice increased noise outside as passageways are dug to create channels for water to flow away more efficiently.

This crucial work aims to minimise the risk of further flooding occurrences in Tokyngton Avenue residences. As the weather forecast predicts more rain in the area, there is a possibility that the Environment Agency may need to utilise industrial water pumps to drain surface water effectively. Consequently, some roads and pathways may need to be temporarily closed to facilitate this operation.

Brent Council issues guidance to Wembley residents after flooding Harrow Online

Brent Council urges residents to be patient while these measures are undertaken to alleviate potential flood risks and maintain the safety of the community.

Residents are advised to contact the Environment Agency immediately at 0845 850 3518 if they experience any further flooding incidents. They are requested to provide their name, address, postal code, contact telephone number, a detailed description of their situation, and the suspected source of the water.

To ensure the safety and security of residents, the council emphasises that only individuals with proper official identification, such as council officers and Environment Agency officials, will be permitted entry into homes during assessments or emergency responses. They will always display their identification upon request.

In addition, the Environment Agency has provided properties that may be at risk of flooding with sandbags for residents to use if needed.

In case of an emergency requiring immediate evacuation due to water entering properties, residents are urged to contact the Fire Brigade at 999.