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London Councils launches consultation on parking and traffic penalty charges for Harrow roads

London Councils has announced a new consultation on penalty charges for parking and traffic contraventions on roads controlled by all London boroughs, including Harrow, as part of its efforts to improve road safety and tackle congestion.

The consultation, launched by London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, aims to assess the current penalty charge levels and additional fees related to parking and traffic enforcement. It will run for a duration of 12 weeks, during which residents and motorists in Harrow can voice their opinions and contribute to shaping the future of penalty charges in the borough.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued when drivers fail to abide by parking, bus lane, and moving traffic regulations. Such violations not only lead to congestion but also have adverse effects on air quality and the overall experience of road users and public transport services in Harrow.

Over the past 12 years, the number of PCNs issued in London has surged by 50%, raising concerns among boroughs that the current penalty charge levels may not be sufficient to deter motorists from violating traffic regulations. Instances of drivers choosing to park illegally despite the risk of receiving a penalty charge have been observed.

The impact of inflation on penalty charge levels has led to a decline in their real value over time. Furthermore, the costs incurred by Harrow and other London boroughs for providing parking and traffic management services have significantly increased since 2011.

While the consultation is specific to borough-controlled roads, it is essential to note that Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for setting penalty charges on roads under their management, such as the Transport for London Route Network (TLRN), or Red Routes.

In 2022, TfL increased parking, bus lane, and moving traffic penalty charges from £130 to £160 following a consultation in 2021. However, the current maximum penalty charge level for contraventions on Harrow’s roads remains at £130.

The consultation presents an opportunity for Harrow residents and motorists to have their voices heard and actively contribute to shaping the future of parking and traffic penalty charges in the borough. Feedback from the consultation will be vital in informing the decision-making process and ultimately determining the future level of penalty charges.

Mayor Philip Glanville, London Councils Executive Member for Climate Change, Transport and Environment, said: “London boroughs are committed to making our roads safe and accessible for everyone. By effectively managing parking and traffic we can incentivise people to drive and park safely, protect access, crossing and junctions, and increase active travel such as walking, cycling and rented e-scooter use. We can also improve bus prioritisation, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

“Today’s consultation is a crucial part of the Transport and Environment Committee’s decision-making process on penalty charge levels and additional fees, and anyone who uses London’s roads can have their say on the new proposals. We are dedicated to ensuring the plans don’t negatively impact lower income and more vulnerable people and welcome all input into this consultation.”

Residents can participate in the consultation by visiting the London Councils website and submitting their views and feedback over the next 12 weeks.

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