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Detergent used in Harrow attempted burglary

On Friday, August 4th, at 3pm an attempted burglary took place on Minehead Road, South Harrow catching the attention of the community.

The incident came to light through a post on the OWL network, where PCSO Louise Nicholson, a Watch Liaison Officer, provided crucial details about the crime.

According to the report, the suspect made an unusual move to possibly avoid leaving behind any fingerprints. They used laundry detergent on the window, leaving it coated with the cleaning agent.


Thankfully, despite the unexpected tactic, nothing was stolen from the property, and the burglary was unsuccessful.

An image from the scene displayed the window covered in detergent, leaving investigators intrigued by the suspect’s choice of evidence cleaner.

PCSO Louise Nicholson’s issued the following advice, which includes:

– Close and lock doors/windows, even for short absences.
– Keep car keys and IDs away from entry points.
– Conceal valuables from view.
– Avoid keeping large sums of cash at home.
– Use lights/timers to give the appearance of an occupied home.
– Consider burglar alarms/dummy CCTV cameras.
– Lock sheds and outbuildings.
– Use diamond-style trellis for back garden fences.
– Verify visitors’ identity and use security chains when available.

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