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Council considers securing West Harrow allotments amid rising anti-social behavior

The London Borough of Harrow (Harrow Council) is currently engaging in a community consultation regarding the future of West Harrow Allotment site.

The eight-week-long consultation, which began on July 17, and will run until September 10 aims to address concerns about rising anti-social behaviour and crime issues.

West Harrow Allotment site is the largest of its kind in the borough, and it has remained unlocked and unsecured for many years due to a perceived “public footpath” running through the area.

However, in recent times, the site has been plagued by various anti-social behaviour incidents and crimes, prompting the Council to take action to ensure the safety and security of the allotment holders and users.

As part of the consultation, Harrow Council is considering the installation of gates and locks at three entrances to the site. The entrances are from the Ridgeway, Grosvenor Avenue, and the Gardens by West Harrow Underground Station.

These entrances would be secured with number locks, and the access code would be provided exclusively to allotment site holders, aligning with the security measures adopted at other allotment sites in the borough.

Individuals without access to the code would be directed to use the public footpath through the adjacent West Harrow Recreation Ground.

The primary objectives of the community engagement consultation are to inform the community about the potential implications of securing the site and build awareness about the purpose behind the decision. It also aims to conduct a meaningful, inclusive, and transparent consultation to understand the community’s opinions and perspectives regarding the future usage of the allotment site.

The council invites allotment site holders, local residents, and other parties who currently use the site to share their views and opinions. Residents can get involved in the consultation process by reading the relevant documents and FAQs available on the Council’s official website and filling out the survey provided to express their thoughts and ideas.

In addition, face-to-face chats with council representatives will occur at the West Harrow Allotment site on specific dates.

The consultation will conclude on September 10 and the Council encourages all stakeholders to take part in this crucial process to shape the future of the site.