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Council seeks feedback on Harrow draft climate and nature strategy for 2023-2030

The London Borough of Harrow has launched its draft Climate & Nature Strategy for the period 2023-2030, titled “Living Harrow,” and is inviting residents and businesses to provide their valuable feedback.

The Council aims to better understand local attitudes toward climate change, assess ongoing practical actions, and identify potential barriers and opportunities for climate action within the borough.

The Living Harrow strategy outlines a comprehensive framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting nature recovery, with the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable and resilient environment for future generations. The Council envisions a just transition that not only addresses climate change but also brings new jobs, investments, improved health, well-being, and education opportunities to the community.

To ensure that the strategy aligns with the aspirations and needs of Harrow residents and businesses, the Council is actively seeking public input. Interested individuals and companies can participate in the consultation process through online surveys tailored for both residents and businesses.

Council seeks feedback on Harrow draft climate and nature strategy for 2023-2030 Harrow Online

Residents can participate by clicking on the “Residents Survey” link on the Living Harrow engagement page. The survey covers various key action areas, including clean energy, green mobility, waste reduction, and building a healthy environment. Participants are encouraged to share their views, ideas, and suggestions to help shape the final Climate & Nature Strategy.

Likewise, local businesses are urged to engage in climate action through the “Business Survey,” accessible on the same page. The survey seeks to understand how the Council can support businesses in reducing their carbon footprint while identifying opportunities for cost-saving and enhancing environmental sustainability.

Additionally, Harrow residents can highlight local climate initiatives that deserve recognition and promotion by adding pins to the interactive map available at https://talk.harrow.gov.uk/climate-nature-strategy/maps/harrow-climate.

The draft Climate & Nature Strategy consultation is open until Sunday 24th September. For more information and to access the surveys and documents, visit the Living Harrow – Draft Climate & Nature Strategy engagement page at https://talk.harrow.gov.uk/climate-nature-strategy