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Harrow residents and police discuss priorities in the borough

A recent public meeting held at Harrow School served as a platform for local police to engage directly with community.

The event, which took place on July 26th, witnessed participation from residents who shared their perspectives on areas of focus for Harrow’s police force.

During the meeting, members of the public were posed with several key questions by the police, encouraging ideas and concerns. The session unveiled significant insights that have the potential to guide future policing strategies in the borough.

Areas of Focus Highlighted

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Concerns: The discussion underscored the urgency of addressing issues related to street drinking and loitering, particularly in specific hotspots where anti-social behaviour has been a recurring problem such as Harrow Town Centre.

Strengthening Community-Police Relations: Residents highlighted the importance of rebuilding trust between law enforcement and Harrow’s diverse communities. Building positive relationships and understanding cultural nuances were seen as vital steps towards effective policing.

Central Locations and Transport Hubs: Policing efforts in Harrow Town Centre and transport hubs emerged as a priority, recognising the need for heightened security and vigilance in these bustling areas.

Targeting High-Crime Zones: The conversation highlighted neighbourhoods with elevated crime rates, signalling the need for targeted interventions to reduce criminal activity with the help of more PCSO’s on the streets

Multi-Agency Collaboration: Collaborative efforts with partner agencies, including health services and local authorities, were seen as instrumental in addressing complex issues that extend beyond traditional law enforcement.

Preventive Measures: Attendees emphasised the significance of proactive measures such as crime prevention workshops in schools, aiming to equip the community with tools to deter criminal behaviour.

Effective Communication: Community members suggested optimising social media platforms and local notice boards to ensure effective communication between the police and residents. Transparent updates about police initiatives were deemed essential.

Involvement of Residents: The Online Watch Link (OWL) system was highlighted as a vital tool to keep residents engaged and informed about local policing activities.

Combatting Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG): Identified VAWG hotspots, including Harrow Town Centre, Kenton, Wealdstone, and Rayners Lane, prompted discussions on targeted efforts to ensure the safety of women and girls in these areas.

The public meeting really showed how committed the Harrow police are to getting the community involved in deciding what matters most.