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New performers revealed for spectacular Wembley Park event

The upcoming event ‘Wemba’s Dream: Join the Journey,’ set to take place on the 3rd of September, has announced exciting additions to its roster of performers.

Trevor Brown, a renowned reggae musician, and Keira Martin, an accomplished Irish contemporary dancer, will join forces with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) and various local performance groups for this visually mesmerizing celebration of music, dance, poetry, and carnival arts.

Trevor Brown, also known as Trevor Starr, made his mark in the 1970s as a self-taught reggae artist, earning recognition with hits like ‘Double Barrel,’ which topped the British charts alongside Dave & Ansell Collins. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Trevor’s journey to the UK was prompted by the Jamaican government and the Trojan Record Company’s mission to promote reggae music.

His extensive career includes touring with prominent reggae acts such as Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, and Toots and the Maytals.

New performers revealed for spectacular Wembley Park event Harrow Online
Trevor Brown

Keira Martin, on the other hand, brings her Irish contemporary dance prowess to the mix. Born and raised in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Keira’s background in Irish step dance and her training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and the New School for Dance Development, have shaped her into a versatile and accomplished artist.

With accolades such as the NSCD Northern Connections commission for ‘Good Blood,’ Keira’s presence promises to add a unique dimension to the event.

The upcoming performance of ‘Wemba’s Dream: Join the Journey’ will unite an eclectic array of talents, including musicians, dancers, poets, and carnival performers from the RPO, St Michael & All Angels Steel Orchestra, Mahogany Carnival, Word Up, and the Sujata Banerjee Dance Company.

The event will commence in the cultural space beneath the Olympic Steps, known as The Undercroft, in Wembley Park. Audiences will be led on a procession to Green Parking, an adjacent multi-purpose event space, by the captivating performers.

The visionary composer behind this innovative event is Dani Howard, whose contemporary compositions are shattering barriers within the classical music realm. With a focus on themes like self-discovery, joy, and anticipation, Dani’s work will transport the audience to the settlement of Anglo-Saxon traveller Wemba in Wembley’s heart during the year 825 AD.

The event, designed to break down classical music stereotypes and attract new audiences, offers free tickets that can be reserved online in advance.

New performers revealed for spectacular Wembley Park event Harrow Online
Image: Keira Martin

‘Wemba’s Dream: Join the Journey’ promises to be a cultural extravaganza that celebrates diversity, music, and the rich tapestry of human expression, all set against the backdrop of London’s vibrant Wembley Park.

Josh McNorton, Cultural Director at Wembley Park said, “We are delighted that Trevor and Keira will be joining the line-up of talented local and international performers who will be delighting audiences with Wemba’s Dream: Join the Journey on 3rd September.

“Dani Howard’s exciting vision for this performance is driving what promises to be a spectacular event that brings classical music to new audiences in new settings.”