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Council launches new electric vehicle strategy in Hillingdon

Hillingdon Council have approved a new electric vehicle infrastructure strategy at its Cabinet meeting on Thursday 27 July.

The new plans aim to deliver hundreds of new charging points in the borough by 2030 as more drivers switch to electric vehicles.

The document outlines how the council plans to increase and manage electric charging points. Plans include reviewing the authority’s existing charging points in 2023 and either repairing or removing out-of-date equipment, introducing new public charging points on off-street council property in 2026 and adding more based on demand by 2030 to develop a high quality, accessible and convenient electric vehicle charging network across the borough.

Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Hillingdon Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Property, Highways and Transport, said: “We are committed to creating a green and sustainable borough and will continue to consider effective and efficient climate change measures, that are within our means to adopt and finance, to deliver environmentally friendly changes for our residents.

“This strategy supports air quality improvements and will help drive the transition to zero carbon transportation. The use of electric vehicles is one of the obvious methods by which pollutants can be reduced.”

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy is one of the council’s Climate Action Plan’s strategic objectives. The strategy has also been reviewed by the Property, Highways and Transport Select Committee.