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New tanning salon opens in South Ruislip after £500k investment

Indigo Sun, a prominent player in the UK tanning industry, has unveiled its inaugural salon in South Ruislip following an exhaustive four-year process of planning and preparation.

This significant move signals the company’s entry into the London market with a sleek and modern establishment.

The new tanning facility, situated within The Old Dairy retail park, represents an investment of £500,000, a testament to Indigo Sun’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art tanning experiences. The venture has not only resulted in the creation of eight jobs for the local community but has also bolstered the firm’s overall workforce to an impressive count of 958 employees.


Founder Frank Taylor, expressed his long-held ambition to establish a salon in London. He said, “It has always been a long ambition for us to create a salon in London, and after years of planning and research, we are delighted to have finally opened our doors to the public.

New tanning salon opens in South Ruislip after £500k investment Harrow Online
Indigo Sun in South Ruislip.

“The Old Dairy ticks every single box for us. It’s heavy footfall and parking options means that local tanners should be able to get quick and easy access to a holiday glow.

“It’s also great to be among some other big names on site, neighbouring the likes of Asda, Cineworld, Nando’s and The Gym, with McDonalds on the way. It is the perfect location to start our London offering.”

The South Ruislip salon occupies 1800 square feet, featuring a modern and sophisticated design inspired by the aesthetics of a high-end nightclub. The facility boasts an array of 13 cutting-edge sunbeds, with plans to incorporate three more in the coming months, offering patrons a comprehensive and contemporary tanning experience.

With its doors open seven days a week, the salon caters to its clientele with extended hours from 9am to 10pm Monday through Friday, and from 9am to 8pm on weekends, accommodating busy schedules and diverse preferences.

Advancing the tanning experience, Frank Taylor highlighted the technological innovations embedded within their sunbeds. “Modern sunbeds now include features like Bluetooth connectivity for personal music choices, sophisticated air conditioning systems, and sensitivity settings tailored to different skin types,” Frank explained.

Indigo Sun’s strategic approach to salon placement centres around population density and accessibility. By targeting areas with a population exceeding 100,000, and strategically positioning their salons near major thoroughfares and essential amenities, the company has perfected a formula for success.

New tanning salon opens in South Ruislip after £500k investment Harrow Online
Image: Indigo Sun

With its South Ruislip location as a launching pad, Indigo Sun envisions a future marked by expansion throughout London. Frank Taylor shared his aspirations, stating, “Once we have established what the market needs are in London, we will have a template for expansion in the city going forward.

“We offer a service which has convenience at its heart so the challenge is finding the correct sites, then branching out to create a profitable network, and with London’s property prices this can be tricky.

“However, we have so far followed a formula which has sprouted great success for us across the UK – and we expect London to be no different. Our goal is to have around 10 Indigo Sun salons in London within the next five years.”

Founder Frank Taylor remains a staunch advocate for safe tanning practices, demonstrating his commitment by supporting The Sunbed Association—an organisation dedicated to combating misinformation about tanning salons and indoor tanning equipment.

To learn more about promotions, visit their official website at www.indigosun.co.uk.

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