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Tesco launches “Stronger Starts” initiative in Harrow

Shoppers in Harrow are being called upon to make a positive impact on the lives of local children by participating in Tesco’s new “Stronger Starts” initiative.

As the campaign gains momentum, Tesco encourages Harrow residents to cast their votes for deserving local organisations and schemes that contribute to providing children with a strong foundation for their future.

Tesco’s Stronger Starts initiative is set to make its mark on TV screens nationwide starting August 18. For Harrow customers, this initiative takes on a more personal dimension as they are invited to take part by visiting their nearest Tesco store. At the checkout, patrons will receive a distinctive blue token, which they can then deposit into a designated voting box for one of three local schools or youth projects.

Tesco launches "Stronger Starts" initiative in Harrow Harrow Online
Image: Tesco

The primary goal of the Stronger Starts initiative is to offer valuable support to schools and children’s groups through grants of up to £1,500. These funds are intended to facilitate the provision of nutritious meals and engaging, health-promoting activities that foster both physical health and mental wellbeing. Examples of such initiatives include breakfast clubs or snacks, as well as equipment to encourage healthy activities.

Harrow shoppers will find two out of the three blue token voting boxes prominently placed near the checkout areas, earmarked for local schools. The third box will be dedicated to local community projects, nominated by the diligent colleagues of each Tesco store. This unique voting system empowers customers to play an active role in deciding which of the three projects they wish to support through their token votes.

Local schools and children’s groups in Harrow that stand to benefit from the Stronger Starts grants are encouraged to apply by visiting the official website at www.tescoplc.com/strongerstarts.

Commenting on the initiative, Claire De Silva, Head of Communities and Local Media, expressed her enthusiasm: “We are so excited to be bringing schools and children’s projects our Stronger Starts grants. Our aim is to inspire children who deserve the opportunity to thrive and give our customers the chance to vote with their blue tokens for their local schools and children’s projects that need extra help.”

This initiative, proudly supported by the esteemed UK community charity Groundwork, replaces the former Tesco Community Grants funding program. Recent research conducted by Groundwork has shed light on the financial challenges faced by schools, revealing that a staggering 78% of schools are currently providing food for children from their own budgets.

Tesco launches "Stronger Starts" initiative in Harrow Harrow Online

Additionally, Tesco’s own Stronger Starts research, conducted in July, underscores the importance of the initiative. The study revealed that over half (51%) of parents surveyed agree that their child’s ability to concentrate in school is hindered when they lack access to a nutritious breakfast.

As Tesco’s Stronger Starts initiative gathers momentum and captures the hearts of Harrow’s community, it stands poised to make a significant difference in the lives of local children by nourishing their bodies and minds through well-rounded programs and opportunities. The power to create lasting change lies in the hands of every Harrow resident who casts their vote and lends their support to this impactful cause.