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Fears late-night Brent café plan will mean drunks make noise, litter and urinate in residents doorways

North London residents are ‘deeply concerned’ over plans for a new late-night café on a quiet road over fears drunks will keep them awake, litter and ‘urinate in their doorways’. The café is looking to sell alcohol until 10.30pm every day.

Brent Council has received an application to open the café, called D’Broa, at a vacant premises on Chamberlayne Road near Kensal Rise Tube Station.

The owner wants to open from 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 11pm on Sundays, whilst serving alcohol from 10am.

A stream of residents have lodged formal objections to the plans believing it will lead to a rise in anti-social behaviour in the area. One said: “I am concerned about the noise from the building and outside areas, especially if people are drinking and becoming rowdy.”

They added: “The patrons may also linger outside after it has closed late at night causing a disturbance, talking loudly, and possibly making a mess on the street. They could also be using the doorways to our buildings as urinals which would be very unpleasant for us residents.”

Another said: “This side of Kensal is the quieter area, and I do believe it should continue to be a family friendly area, as opposed to an area which encourages drunk customers engaging in anti-social behaviour.”

They added: “I am not objecting to a small, local business and would happily support it if it was a brunch spot that respected noise laws and planning permissions, however with the current hours and alcohol on the licence application, I cannot help but be deeply concerned by noise disturbance in this area.”

There were also fears that, as the garden of the premises backs onto people’s houses, residents would be impacted by the noise until late, as well as smoke or vapour blowing into their flats. However, the applicant’s agent Manuel Rocha has assured that this will not be the case.

Mr Rocha said: “The rear garden of the facilities is not for public use. […] I understand the concern [but] D’Broa is a café and patisserie. We will serve snacks, light meals, sandwiches, soft drinks, tea and coffee. If granted, alcohol drinks too. The business is not a disco or a pub.”

He added: “Alcohol will be a complement to our activity. Not the main activity. [It]l will be served with food only to seated customers [with a] waiter service.” He called the opening hours requested “reasonable”.

The Metropolitan Police have recommended 24 conditions be attached to the application if it is to be approved. These include installing CCTV cameras to cover all of the entrances and exits of the premises, alcohol to only be sold if it’s accompanying a meal, and notices reminding customers to leave quietly.

The application will be heard by Brent Council’s Alcohol and Licensing Sub-Committee next month (September 11) when a decision on whether to grant the licence will be made.