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Bank holiday bin collection days in Harrow

Here’s a handy guide to the altered bin collection schedule in Harrow due to the upcoming Bank Holiday on Monday, August 28th.

Make sure to follow these guidelines during this period to ensure your bins are collected:

  1. Monday Collections (August 28th): No bin collections will take place on Monday. Please leave your bin out on Tuesday, August 29th, for pickup.
  2. Tuesday Collections (August 29th): Bins will be collected on both Tuesday, August 29th, and Wednesday, August 30th. Make sure your bin is out for these two days.
  3. Wednesday Collections (August 30th): Leave your bin out on both Wednesday, August 30th, and Thursday, August 31st, until it’s collected.
  4. Thursday Collections (August 31st): Bins will be collected on both Thursday, August 31st, and Friday, September 1st. Keep your bin accessible for these two days.
  5. Friday Collections (September 1st): For Friday collections, leave your bin out on Friday, September 1st, and Saturday, September 2nd, until it’s collected.

Regular bin collection operations are set to resume in the following week. Stay updated with any further changes or developments by checking the London Borough of Harrow website.