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Barnet Council launches innovative ‘Tree Portal’ in pursuit of net zero goals

Barnet Council has taken a significant stride towards its ambitious sustainability goals by unveiling an interactive tree portal that offers unprecedented access to vital information about the borough’s trees on public land.

As part of its commitment to becoming a net-zero council by 2030 and a net-zero borough by 2042, the council has introduced this state-of-the-art platform to empower residents and enhance environmental stewardship.

Located partly within Barnet, Edgware now plays host to the newly launched interactive tree portal that aims to revolutionise how residents interact with the environment.


The portal, accessible at https://barnet.ezyportal.com, features an interactive map that showcases a plethora of information about each tree, including species, dimensions, photographs, inspection records, i-Tree Ecosystem services values, details of past maintenance, and any carried-out works.

One of the portal’s most impressive features is the ability for residents to submit tree inquiries directly through the platform.

Earlier this year, the Environment and Climate Change Committee of Barnet Council took a pivotal step towards its environmental aspirations by greenlighting the new Tree Planting policy for the next five years.

The cornerstone of this policy is the ambitious target of planting 5,000 trees by 2028, in line with the councils objectives.

Councillor Alan Schneiderman, Cabinet Member of Environment and Climate Change, shared his excitement about the innovative portal’s launch, stating, “I hope that residents will love exploring our fascinating new tree portal.

“The new portal is an essential and important step towards keeping residents engaged and informed of our tree-planting activity in the borough.

“By utilising cutting-edge technology and incorporating valuable ecosystem services and environmental data, Barnet Council aims to set a new standard for tree management and environmental stewardship in the region.”

Residents are encouraged to explore the interactive tree portal and discover Barnet’s urban greenery.

The council has also joined forces with Trees for Streets, offering residents the opportunity to sponsor new tree plantings across the borough through https://sponsor.treesforstreets.org/provider/barnet-council.

Barnet Council launches innovative 'Tree Portal' in pursuit of net zero goals Harrow Online

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