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Met Police reveals number of crimes related to ULEZ cameras from April to August

Met Police has revealed startling statistics regarding crimes involving ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) cameras in London from April 1st to August 31st, with a total of 510 reported incidents.

Among these, 159 cases involved the theft of ULEZ cameras, while 351 cameras were reported as damaged. It’s important to note that a single crime report can encompass multiple offenses.

In an effort to combat this growing issue, the Met Police initiated an operation in May to address these crimes proactively and reactively. The objective was to establish a proportionate response to incidents involving ULEZ cameras.

The Met Police has taken these crimes seriously and allocated substantial resources to tackle the problem. Local investigators have been tasked with following up on potential leads, utilising a variety of investigative methods, including CCTV analysis, witness interviews, and assessments of forensic evidence.

As a result of these investigations, two individuals have been implicated in connection with ULEZ camera-related crimes. One of them has been charged and bailed for trial until June 2024, while the other individual’s case has been discontinued by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

The Met Police is actively pursuing leads related to ULEZ camera offenses. Notably, on August 18th, Harrow Online published a story about an ongoing operation, where officers released an image of a man they are working to trace in connection with four offenses in Hillingdon, Harrow, and Uxbridge on Saturday, June 17th.

The Met Police also mentioned that they are closely monitoring Anti-ULEZ protests, treating them like any other potential public order matters. Some of these protests have attracted between 200 and 300 participants. Bespoke policing plans are being considered when necessary to ensure public safety.