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Almost 3,000 people flock to Edgware Summer Fair in Broadwalk’s car park

Almost 3,000 visitors flocked to The Edgware Summer Fair held on Saturday, August 26, and Sunday, August 27, to commemorate the centenary of Station Road in Edgware.

The event, hosted on a transformed section of The Broadwalk’s long-stay car park, was a resounding success, offering an array of family-friendly activities and glimpses into the town’s future.

The fair boasted a plethora of attractions such as free arts and crafts workshops cantered around nature and biodiversity, showcasing activities like crafting bird feeders, constructing bug hotels, and experimenting with leaf printing.

Poetry enthusiasts had the chance to engage in creative writing inspired by the renowned ‘Poems on the Underground’ initiative.

Young minds were captivated by storytelling sessions, while live music resonated through the venue, courtesy of some of London’s brightest emerging artists.

Almost 3,000 people flock to Edgware Summer Fair in Broadwalk's car park Harrow Online
Credit : Daniel Lynch

The fair was not short of engaging experiences. Free skateboarding and circus skills lessons kept children entertained, while the Makers’ Market brought together local and independent vendors.

History came alive on a vintage Routemaster bus, which showcased an archive photography exhibition of Edgware, accompanied by children’s activities from the London Transport Museum.

The fair also served as a platform for the community to gain insight into the proposed Edgware Town Centre project, a collaborative effort between property developer Ballymore, Transport for London’s commercial property company, and Barnet Council.

Nearly 400 attendees visited the project stall to understand the proposed transformation of the Edgware Town Centre.

This ambitious endeavour aims to introduce 3,365 new homes, including around 1,100 affordable homes, and 460 student accommodations.

The project promises to create almost 1,500 new full-time local jobs, injecting approximately £3 million annually into the local economy, and generating an increased Gross Value Added (GVA) of about £80 million per year.

Over a decade, a staggering £1.7 billion investment would be infused into Edgware Town Centre, it hopes of creating a bustling commercial hub, expansive public spaces, enhanced connectivity, improved transportation, upgraded healthcare infrastructure, diverse cultural offerings, and a variety of homes.

Almost 3,000 people flock to Edgware Summer Fair in Broadwalk's car park Harrow Online
Credit: Daniel Lynch

While the Edgware Summer Fair was celebrated as a success, the proposed Town Centre project was not without its detractors.

A group of concerned residents recently organised a rally in Edgware, expressing concerns and demonstrating against the development plans.

For those interested in exploring details of the Edgware Town Centre project, the official website offers a wealth of information. Visit www.edgwaretowncentre.uk to discover more about the proposed development.

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