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Northwick Park surgeon finds global audience through YouTube

Instructional YouTube videos on surgical procedures may seem unconventional, but for Northwick Park Hospital’s tech-savvy surgeon Abdul Ahmed, it’s become a powerful tool for disseminating his expertise to a global audience.

Dr. Ahmed, a specialist in head and neck cancer, has not only caught the attention of medical professionals in the UK but has also garnered followers as far away as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal through his social media presence.

His overseas impact encompasses a range of activities, including organizing screening camps, delivering lectures, performing surgical procedures, and most recently, receiving an honorary professorship in Pakistan. In his new role, he will play a pivotal part in revising the syllabus at a prestigious medical and dental institution.

Dr. Ahmed, who is based at Northwick Park Hospital, expressed his passion for teaching and mentoring, saying, “I love teaching and the prospect of helping someone reach their potential. It’s rewarding to think that you have played some small part in the development of a colleague.”

Northwick Park’s maxillofacial department is taking steps to establish a fellowship program. This initiative will offer young surgical registrars the unique opportunity to spend several months working in the field of cancer care in Pakistan.

Northwick Park surgeon finds global audience through YouTube Harrow Online
Image: London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWH)

Dr. Ahmed noted the challenges faced in countries like Pakistan, where primary care services are often lacking, leading patients to present at hospitals with advanced-stage cancer. He believes that the fellowship program will be an invaluable learning opportunity for young surgeons from Harrow’s Northwick Park Hospital.

These surgeons will be able to share their skills and knowledge, contributing to the improvement of healthcare in regions facing similar challenges.

Dr. Ahmed’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise not only through traditional medical channels but also through social media platforms like YouTube has not only garnered him a global following but is also helping bridge gaps in medical education and care around the world.