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Transformation underway as Harrow’s Eastman Village embraces Kodak heritage

Harrow’s landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with the Eastman Village development at the forefront of the change.

A nod to the iconic English photographer James Robertson, Barratt London recently introduced the Robertson Apartments within this evolving community, offering a range of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

Eastman Village, built on the former Kodak film factory site, is part of a larger £1.75 billion regeneration project set to reshape Harrow. This initiative promises two new schools, thousands of job opportunities, shopping and leisure facilities, and commercial spaces.

The historical significance of Eastman Village is intertwined with its name, paying homage to George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, the company that revolutionised photography. The Robertson Apartments are named in honour of James Robertson, a celebrated war photographer from the 1800s.

The development includes a 2.4-hectare landscaped park, known as the new Green Link, along with an extension leading to the recently restored Headstone Manor Park, part of the ‘Parks for People’ project.

Transformation underway as Harrow's Eastman Village embraces Kodak heritage Harrow Online
Another look at a CGI of the new apartments.

Expected to be completed by late 2025, future residents can look expect to see amenities such as a gym, cafes, restaurants, and a supermarket.

Barratt London, in partnership with architect Pollard Thomas Edwards, is committed to delivering high-quality designs that blend seamlessly with the site’s heritage. The use of red bricks throughout the development pays tribute to the original Kodak buildings, while subtle nods to the site’s history can be seen in the signage and balcony screens.

Preservation of the iconic factory chimney is another testament to Barratt London’s dedication to honouring the past. This chimney coexists with the site’s new eco-friendly energy centre, providing heating for the development’s homes.

Joseph Antoniazzi, Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt West London, commented, “Eastman Village is a landmark project in the area, providing a place to live that balances history with modern living. The latest phase, Robertson Apartments, seamlessly integrates into the development, appealing to both investors and local buyers.”