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Enhanced mobile coverage to transform London Underground commuting

In a major leap forward for London’s commuters, the London Underground high-speed mobile coverage is now available in ticket halls, platforms, and tunnels between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road on the Central line.

Additionally, Northern line customers at Tottenham Court Road can also benefit from this coverage.

This expansion is part of the plan to eliminate notorious mobile ‘not-spots’ as TfL races to provide uninterrupted 4G and 5G mobile coverage throughout the network by the end of 2024.

This initiative will connect most of the 272 stations, tunnels, and ticket halls within the Tube and Elizabeth line networks, vastly improving the mobile experience for millions of passengers.

The project, which aims to ensure continuous connectivity for customers transitioning from above ground to underground, will allow passengers to make calls, send texts, surf the web, and access social media without interruption.

This will be made possible without the need for any special software or apps; passengers simply need a 4G/5G-compatible device.

As of now, significant progress has already been made. Jubilee line stations have been enjoying 4G connectivity since March 2020, while the Central line and parts of the Northern line have also joined the 4G and 5G-ready club. In areas where connectivity isn’t yet available, passengers can access public Wi-Fi.

Crucially, there will be no additional charges from TfL (Transport for London) for this service; passengers will continue to pay their mobile service providers as usual.

However, there’s still work ahead to complete the project, including infrastructure installation, connection point building, and system testing, all while maintaining the regular operation of the bustling underground transport system.

Additionally, Wi-Fi services are already available at all Tube stations, most London Overground stations, Elizabeth line stations under central London, and Victoria Coach Station. While Wi-Fi doesn’t extend into tunnels, devices will seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi-enabled platforms.

Enhanced mobile coverage to transform London Underground commuting Harrow Online
Mobile coverage tube map. Image: TfL

Users can easily activate the Wi-Fi service on their devices and connect automatically to their mobile network’s provided service.

To ensure a smooth connection experience, passengers are advised to wait until they are off the train to connect if they weren’t able to do so before departure.

For further information on connectivity, passengers can refer to their respective mobile network operator’s websites.

Moreover, TfL’s commitment to safety extends to its Wi-Fi services, as they have been certified as ‘Friendly WiFi,’ ensuring that content filtering will block inappropriate material, making it safe for all passengers.

The London Overground also offers Wi-Fi services across 81 stations, with content filtering and privacy policies in place for passenger safety.

The London Underground’s ambitious plan to provide uninterrupted mobile coverage throughout its network by 2024 promises to end the frustrating mobile ‘not-spots’ experienced by commuters.

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