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Nursery children explore eye care in Harrow Weald

Nursery children from Little Darlings Nursery embarked on an educational adventure as they visited Specsavers Harrow Weald to discover the importance of eye care.

The visit, which coincided with National Eye Health Week, aimed to raise awareness about children’s eye health and the significance of regular eye tests.

Sanjay Morzaria, Co-founder of Little Darlings Nursery, initiated the visit to coincide with National Eye Health Week, which is celebrated annually from September 18th to 24th, with this year’s theme being “Your Vision Matters.”

Nursery children explore eye care in Harrow Weald Harrow Online
Image: Specsavers

The importance of this initiative was highlighted by research conducted in 2016, revealing that approximately 1.6 million school-age children in the UK have undiagnosed eye conditions, impacting their school performance and self-confidence.

Specsavers stresses the importance of early eye tests for children, as eyesight continues to develop until around eight years old. Detecting and treating issues such as squints or lazy eyes (amblyopia) at an early stage can significantly improve a child’s education and overall well-being.

Before their visit to the Specsavers store, the Little Darlings preschool children had been studying various parts of the human body, including their eyes.

The store tour provided them with the opportunity to meet the store team, converse with an optometrist, and ask questions about eye care. The children also had the chance to experience an eye test first-hand, sitting in the testing chair.

Sanjay Morzaria expressed his delight at the visit, saying, “I was really delighted that Specsavers were able to accommodate our nursery school children.

“The team spent time informing them about the eye, its structure, how it works, plus explained the various diagnostic tests. The activity sheets they were given were great fun, they loved filling them out and they learned lots.

“I wanted to create a wonderful memory from the visit, and also show the children that having an eye test can be fun. At the nursery, we like to focus on experiential learning, so this was a great opportunity for everyone involved!”

During the visit, the nursery also received a donation of high visibility jackets, which were perfect for the children as they travelled on the bus for the outing.

Sanjay Morzaria’s connection with Harrow Weald extended to his optometrist, Shivani Ghedia, who brings her son to the nursery three days a week, adding an extra layer of significance to the visit.

Adil Ladha, Store Manager at Specsavers Harrow Weald, was thrilled to have the enthusiastic young visitors in-store. He praised the children for their curiosity and engaging questions and mentioned that they left with goody bags containing mementos from their visit. Ladha also expressed his eagerness to welcome them back with their parents in the future.

Nursery children explore eye care in Harrow Weald Harrow Online
Little Darlings Nursery visit to Harrow Weald. Image: Specsavers

Tejal Sheth, Director Optometrist at Specsavers Harrow Weald, emphasised the importance of monitoring and caring for eyesight, especially in children. She highlighted that eye problems in children can sometimes manifest as learning and behavioural issues in the classroom.

To address this, Specsavers recommends that all children have an eye test before starting school, with optometrists using engaging methods to assess children’s eyesight.

Specsavers’ eye tests are designed to be child-friendly and fun, featuring special charts, shapes, and picture books for children who are not yet reading. While adults are advised to have a sight test every two years, children should visit for an eye test every year.

The NHS covers the full cost of a sight test for eligible individuals, including all children under 16 and those under 19 in full-time education. They are also entitled to a voucher towards the cost of glasses.