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Local lad keeps hospital in Harrow in the pink

In the midst of Harrow’s healthcare transformation towards digitalisation, one local hero has been standing out, providing crucial assistance to hospital staff during this period of change.

Mustafa Mohamed, originally from North East London, has been affectionately dubbed “Pink Man” by hospital staff for his unwavering dedication and support as they transition to electronic patient records through the Cerner EPR rollout.

Mustafa is among a group of over 300 dedicated floor-walkers stationed at various hospital sites across north-west London. Their mission? To provide essential “elbow support” to hospital staff until all 9,000 employees are comfortable with the new electronic system. While their numbers have been gradually reduced as staff become more proficient with the system, these floor-walkers initially donned distinctive pink t-shirts to make themselves easily identifiable in clinical areas.

Local lad keeps hospital in Harrow in the pink Harrow Online

During the early stages of the Cerner EPR rollout, Mustafa found himself fielding approximately 50 inquiries per day. However, he relished the opportunity to assist his fellow community members, saying, “I was initially dealing with about 50 enquiries a day, but I enjoy helping people.” Mustafa is no stranger to EPR rollouts, having been part of similar initiatives in different parts of the country.

North-east London holds a special place in Mustafa’s heart, as he was born in the hospital and currently resides just around the corner. His deep ties to the community were evident when he ran into one of his former teachers in the hospital’s outpatient department and discovered that one of the A&E nurses had been in the same year as him in school.

When asked about his approach to calming the occasionally frazzled nerves of hospital staff struggling to adapt to the new digital system, Mustafa said, “I just reassure people it is an easy fix and that they will get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect at the end of the day. I see staff who were hesitant a few weeks ago just flying around the system now.”

Local lad keeps hospital in Harrow in the pink Harrow Online

Mustafa Mohamed’s dedication to helping Harrow’s Northwick Park Hospital staff navigate the digital transition has earned him the nickname “Pink Man” and the gratitude of the community.