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Nursery in Pinner gains respected Montessori accreditation

Bright Horizons Haydon Hall Montessori Day Nursery in Pinner is celebrating this week after being awarded the coveted STAR (Standards and Training Accreditation Review) certificate by Montessori Global Education.

The STAR accreditation, recognised worldwide, is designed to spotlight educational institutions that uphold the highest standards in teaching and nurturing young minds.

It not only acknowledges the dedication of educators but also emphasises their commitment to continuous professional development while ensuring the quality of support and teaching.

The nursery underwent a comprehensive inspection in June 2023, culminating in a successful Phase One accreditation report within the STAR framework.

The evaluation encompassed a meticulous review of self-assessment evidence, desk-based materials, discussions, interviews, and on-site visits.

The accreditation report highlights several qualities of Haydon Hall Montessori Day Nursery. It praises the nursery for its commitment to providing a nurturing holistic learning environment, which includes daily home-cooked meals, well-equipped classrooms, and a steadfast dedication to values and principles aimed at fostering individual growth.

Additionally, the report recognises the strong partnership between teachers and families, contributing to a supportive learning environment. The overall atmosphere at the nursery is noted for its sense of calm and inclusivity, with staff consistently displaying positive and encouraging behavior.

George, the Nursery Manager at Haydon Hall Montessori Day Nursery, expressed his delight at the STAR accreditation. He stated, “Having STAR accreditation assures our families that we are a recognised Montessori setting and part of a wider network of excellence.

”It’s a great testament to our amazing team of practitioners, who work tirelessly to provide quality teaching opportunities for our children every day.

“We want to continue to provide a safe environment with teachers who are dedicated to supporting their children’s natural development pathway.”

The nursery will have their upcoming autumn open day this weekend on September 23rd. Families can book their place to attend and learn about all the other activities the nursery gets involved with.

Nursery in Pinner gains respected Montessori accreditation Harrow Online