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Harrow Council shares fly-tipping video, urges community action

In a call to action featured in the MyHarrow newsletter this week, Cllr Paul Osborn, Leader of The London Borough of Harrow, has denounced the issue of fly-tipping that has plagued the borough in recent months.

In his message to residents, Cllr Osborn asserted, “We all hate fly-tipping. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s pretty disgusting.”

He noted the significance of eliminating illegal waste dumping as a pivotal step toward achieving his goal of restoring pride in Harrow.

“Nothing can be more symbolic of a lack of pride than illegally dumping waste on our streets,” he said.

The leader of Harrow Council also addressed the adverse effects of fly-tipping on community spirit, noting, “This disregard for community has a knock-on effect of course.

“It’s harder to feel proud of where you live when a small minority of your neighbours are happy to turn it into a dumping ground.”

To help combat this issue, Cllr Osborn highlighted the installation of new CCTV cameras as a crucial move.

The cameras were part of the priority “flagship actions” committed to by the council last year. Now, the council is publicly sharing images captured by these cameras to identify and penalise those responsible for fly-tipping.

Social media and the MyHarrow newsletter will serve as platforms to publicly shame and challenge this behaviour, with a plea for witnesses to come forward and support actions.

“It’s important that we condemn fly-tipping and treat it as the crime that it is,” Cllr Osborn said.

The council’s efforts extend to supporting local businesses in the borough, which are the lifeblood of Harrow’s economy.

Cllr Osborn acknowledged this by mentioning the recent success of the annual business network event, “Harrow Means Business,” which saw a strong turnout from both established businesses and startups.