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Unique soundscape clock unveiled in Hayes Town Centre

Visitors to Hayes Town Centre are in for a sonic treat as they will soon be able to immerse themselves in the melodious chimes of a striking new clock.

Designed by architects The Decorators and fabricated by The White Wall Company, this exceptional timepiece incorporates bespoke stereo sound recordings of local residents passing through Hayes, along with the soothing sounds of passing trains.

What sets this clock apart is not just its harmonious soundscape, but also its tribute to the legendary sound engineer, Alan Dower Blumlein. Mr. Blumlein, whose groundbreaking work at EMI in Hayes revolutionized audio recording techniques, paved the way for stereo sound in the music and film industry.

The clock itself is a visual marvel, with an eye-catching LED display and a composition of gold-anodised aluminium reminiscent of the iconic ‘Gold Disc’ canopy located at the junction of Botwell Lane and Station Road.

Local business Owen Coyle Anodising Ltd, based in Blyth Road, played a pivotal role by coating the clock’s panels with a durable, weather-resistant finish.

Unique soundscape clock unveiled in Hayes Town Centre Harrow Online
Cllr Eddie Lavery and Mayor of Hillingdon, Cllr Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana at the clock. Image: Hillingdon Council

Notably, the Cabinet Office granted special permission for the clock to be inscribed in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, adding to its cultural significance.

The installation of the clock was celebrated with a visit from the Mayor of Hillingdon, Cllr Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana, and Cllr Eddie Lavery, Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services, on Tuesday, September 12th.

Cllr Lavery expressed his fondness for the new addition, stating, “We’re delighted with this stunning new addition to Hayes Town Centre that not only pays welcome tribute to the rich musical heritage of the town but adds a quite remarkable and noteworthy new feature to the townscape.

“The use of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s name is closely protected, so it is a great honor for Hayes and for our entire borough and furthers the cultural value of this new addition.”

Hayes Town Centre’s latest attraction promises to be a harmonious blend of art, history, and innovation, inviting both residents and visitors to appreciate the town’s cultural heritage while honoring its audio engineering legacy.