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Upcoming tube strikes threaten to disrupt Harrow commutes

Harrow residents are bracing themselves for potential travel chaos as looming tube strikes threaten to severely disrupt journeys across the borough.

The strikes, scheduled for Wednesday, October 4, and Friday, October 6, are expected to disrupt the entire tube network.

A trade union has formally announced the strike action, which is set to have far-reaching consequences for commuters. If the strikes proceed as planned, the disruption will be felt not only on strike days but will also impact tube services on the following mornings until approximately 8:00am on Thursday, October 5, and Saturday, October 7.

Among the key points to note regarding the upcoming Tube strikes are:

  • Widespread Disruption: Most Tube services are anticipated to be severely affected or may not run at all during the strike days.
  • No Night Tube: On Friday, October 6, there will be no Night Tube services.
  • Morning Disruptions: Tube services on the mornings following the strikes (Thursday, October 5, and Saturday, October 7) will experience disruptions until around 8:00am.
  • Alternative Services Unaffected: While the Tube network faces disruption, Elizabeth line, London Overground, DLR, and tram services will continue to operate without strikes.
  • Possible Last-Minute Changes: Travelers are advised to be prepared for last-minute changes, including the possibility of trains non-stopping at stations shared with the London Underground.
  • Increased Crowds: With the Tube network in turmoil, all public transport services, including buses, are expected to be much busier than usual.
  • Modified Night Overground: On Friday, October 6, Night Overground services will run but will not stop at Whitechapel and Canada Water stations.

In light of the impending strikes, commuters are urged to plan their journeys well in advance, check for updates before traveling, and allow extra time to complete their trips.

In addition to the Tube strikes, it’s worth noting that national rail strikes are also scheduled, with severely reduced services expected on Saturday, September 30, and Wednesday, October 4.

The public are advised to stay informed by visiting the National Rail website for updates on these disruptions.