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Harrow police post urgent video message to community amidst surge in knife crime

Superintendent Matt Cray, the Lead for Neighborhood Policing Teams in Harrow, has issued a video message addressing the growing concerns of Harrow residents in the wake of a recent surge in knife-related crimes and a spate of murders within the borough.

The recent murders, including incidents in Harrow Town Centre, North Harrow, and Stanmore, have sent shockwaves through the community, leaving residents deeply concerned about safety.

In the video message, Superintendent Matt Cray began by expressing his deep concern for the community, saying, “I wanted to talk to you today about the dangers of knife crime and the ramifications of being involved with knife crime.”

He stated, “Tragically, since the beginning of July, we have had four murders in Harrow, which is unprecedented. We’ve also seen a spike in knife-related offences.”

Superintendent Cray appealed directly to the community, particularly the younger population disproportionately affected by this crisis, urging them not to carry knives or be involved in knife-related crimes.

He noted the long-lasting and life-changing consequences that can result from such actions, saying, “If you’re a victim, you may lose your life, and the ramifications for your family and friends are huge. Likewise, if you’re a suspect, you can often end up facing lengthy custodial sentences, and again the impact on your loved ones is huge.”

Cray urged residents to come forward with any information, stating, “I would urge anyone you know involved in knife crime, or (anyone with) information about knife crime, to let us know about those offences so we can investigate them properly.”

Superintendent Cray announced enhanced patrols in Harrow to combat the surge in knife crime. He said, “I want to reassure the community that we will be putting on extra patrols in Harrow Town Centre in the coming weeks and months to make sure that we mitigate and reduce the impact of knife crime going forward.”