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Local collaboration sparks climate action momentum in Wembley

An EcoPeace delegation visit held in Wembley brought together a gathering of community leaders, councillors, and young activists in a stand against climate change last week.

The event, hosted at Brent Civic Centre, served as a platform for guests to gain insights from Yana Abu Taleb, the Director of EcoPeace (Middle East), who shared work on environmental sustainability in the region.

During the event, Yana Abu Taleb was honoured with an award from Brent in recognition of her exceptional contributions to climate action.

Councillor Krupa Sheth, Cabinet Member for Environment, Infrastructure, and Climate Action, commented on empowering residents through collaborative efforts, stating, “Our ambitious target to become carbon neutral by 2030 can only be achieved if we empower residents by bringing local groups together to tackle climate change.

Local collaboration sparks climate action momentum in Wembley Harrow Online

“It was fascinating to hear from Yana, who is at the forefront of climate action in the Middle East – which really puts into perspective how this is a global issue and it is good to hear how they are dealing with climate change elsewhere.

“Thank you to all the local groups, residents, and officers who made the event what it was.”

The event featured a presentation by Brent’s Climate Team, highlighting the role of communities and faith groups in advocating for and participating in climate action.

Co-organised with the Brent Multi Faith Forum, the event facilitated a discussion around partnership working between Brent’s communities and EcoPeace.